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We offer a wide array of choices of moving boxes depending on the size of the valuables you intend to move. From large to small boxes and a whole other different boxes that you can utilize to store a specific item.

  1. Small/Medium/Large Boxesย โ€“ this can occupy jars, books, utensils, flatwares, shoes or even folded wardrobes.
  2. Dish Barrel โ€“ a new line of keeper we have here inย Yes Mover; its main objective is to store your dishes properly. Fully-packed to keep fragile items like plates, china breakable items, and usually used for kitchen items. No need of additional cushions since the barrel is already made to protect such items
  3. Wardrobe Boxes โ€“ this is another line of storage we offer in Mover Malaysia that can literally keep your wardrobes with their hangers on. Time-sensitive since all you have to do is to transfer your entire wardrobe to this box and ready for move. No need to fold them up and stack them in individual boxes.
  4. Mirror Moving Box โ€“ this is to carefully move your large mirrors like used to be seen in walk-in closets, bathroom and even dresser area. This comes with crumpled packing paper placed in the corners to prevent bumps and to cushion against other stuffs. It is also bubble wrapped to double-guard the mirror side. Also advised to be used for large picture frames and paintings.
  5. Specialty Box โ€“ this type of box can store all other different items listed below:
    • Musical instruments includes guitars, keyboards, violins, trumpets
    • Electronics like Flat-TV monitors and speakers
    • Recreational items like surfboards, skis, snowboards, skateboards, rifles, tennis racquets and golf clubs
    • Fixtures like standing lamp lights, strobe and photo flood lights used in photography

QUICK TIP: Use small box in storing heavy items. The larger and the heavier the box, the harder you can move/carry it.

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