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All types of movers whether you are living alone, with a family, employee or a student you always keep a list of all the things you need before you finally set your moving date. Maybe it’s your personalise moving checklist or a standard checklist you have found over the internet, you would likely end up keeping them with you. Here in Mover Malaysia we are happy to share the basic movers’ checklist for all our clients. From the basic items to pack and the necessary other materials you will likely need and especially a timeline to follow.

8 weeks before:

  • Get organized.Β If you are moving from an office- check everything from unnecessary and necessary things you need to pack. If you are moving from a house/apartment – go through all the rooms. List down items you need and don’t need. This way you will have an initial idea what to pack and prepare.
  • Sort and Purge.Β Start sorting things out. Purge those you don’t need.
  • Start looking for the nearest moving company in your area. The nearer the better, the easier you can contact them and reach to you.
  • Keep a record binder.Β You must comply on keeping records of everything. You don’t want to go beyond your budget and this way you can keep track of every expenses you have made.
  • Manage school/office records.Β If you are student- don’t forget to notify your school if you are moving halfway the school terms. Requesting records from school registrar may take sometime that’s why you need this to be handled earlier.

7 weeks before:

  • Order supplies.Β Boxes and packaging materialsΒ (direct link to Packaging article)Β should be the top priority. You should purchase boxes that are accordingly to the sizes of your items and consider ordering specialty boxes like dish barrel and wardrobe boxes for convenience.
  • Start a garage sale.Β This is a good idea when you have so much items that you don’t need. It would save you space in your new place and in return you will have a good amount to be collected after.

6 weeks before:

  • Notify schools/employer.Β If you are an employee- notify your employer ahead of time – don’t do surprises and don’t show up in the office with any notifications.
  • Arrange with your moving company.Β Visit your chosen moving company and do a detailed planning with their consultants or coordinator. Lay out your specifics mention everything, the furniture you have, the types of light fixtures you own and if you have a car and especially your intended budget.

A month before:

  • Start packing. Pack all non-daily usage items like those extra hairdryers and those books you stop reading. Always put a label in the box and declare the amount of the valuable.
  • Don’t’ forget the labels.Β ALWAYS PUT A LABEL! CLEAR AND BOLD! Boxes are big and your label should be too. This is for your convenience and for the movers too. Don’t forget to label boxes that contain breakables- they should be handled with care.
  • Separate the non-essentials.Β Don’t mix the content of this box. Boxes that labelled with non-essentials are the first one to be transported and placed in the loading trucks.
  • Notify important parties.Β If you are renting, notify your landlord that you are moving. You can ask if you can have the deposited amount back and check the contract.

3 weeks before:

  • Manage food situation.Β Food is somehow a critical part in moving. You need to settle your food situation. Don’t pack everything especially canned goods and frozen foods. You will likely need them in the following days.
  • Take care of your car.Β Owned a personal car? Settle with your moving company if they have services that could transport your vehicles together with your household items or done it in a different consignment. Declare this the first time you visited your chosen moving company.
  • Check safe boxes.Β If you’re planning to load safe boxes differently or carry it by yourself- you don’t practically empty it since you’re the one handling. But if you are planning it to load with the rest of the items be sure to empty all the contents. Check the safe locks and passcodes.

2 weeks before:

  • Pack all the valuables.Β Pack all things you considered valuables like those family pictures, artworks placed in the living area and all others you would likely need to have in your new place.
  • Reconfirm the moving company.Β Always reconfirm all the details with the moving company. Keep them on their toes and constantly check them.

1 week before:

  • Pack your bags/suitcases.Β This time it’s your personal belongings need to be packed. Decide if you need those extra pants and sweaters. Consider the climate of the new place this would give you an idea on what to pack and what to leave behind.
  • Prepare medical kits.Β You will likely need to refill all your prescriptions. You don’t want driving around in the new town just looking for a headache tablet.

1 day before:

  • Defroze freezers.Β Defroze your freezers the night before or day before. You don’t like water gushing out and messed with the floors in the moving date. Pack all leftover frozen foods in ice buckets to keep them fresh.
  • Keep personal documents ready.Β Keep a to-go envelope where you can place all these personal documents at hand. You don’t want this to be mixed up with the others documents you have. This should contain the contract you have with the moving company, receipts, money and map if needed.
  • Double-check every room.Β Do a routine check. Once, twice or even thrice to see if you got everything you need.
  • Confirm your moving company.Β Call them up and lastly confirm the time you have planned for them to reach you.


  • Have the checklist ready.Β Keep the checklist of all the items you have listed. Check one by one and be keen to every box that is loaded in the trucks.
  • Do personal inventory.Β Even the movers are personally checking and doing the inventory, it will pay you so much if you can conduct your own inventory and try to compare everything with the movers.
  • Coordinate with your movers.Β Be present! Being there is the best thing you can do; you can personally run things, man the moving crew and personally doing things. It could ease your mind rather than leaving all the works to the moving company.
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