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Packing Supplies

Moving wonโ€™t be complete if youโ€™ll missed out the very basics materials youโ€™ll need to pack them up. Packing supplies is in the top list in yourย moving checklistย .ย Inย Mover Malaysiaย we offer all kinds of packing supplies youโ€™ll need. You can do it by yourself or you can call assistance with our expert packers to help you with.

  1. Packing Paper/Newsprint โ€“ used to wrap everyday items; when crunched up it can also be used an additional cushioning
  2. Tissue Paper โ€“ softer than other packing paper and newsprint but can be cushioned for smaller items and spacer between breakables
  3. Bubble Wrap โ€“ plastic wrapper composed of โ€˜air cushionsโ€™- highly advised to be used in wrapping very delicate items such as mirrors, lamps and other breakables
  4. Stretch Wrap โ€“ stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items. This keeps all items intact and irremovable
  5. Anti-Static Bubble Wrap โ€“ it is closely related to bubble wrap but this time it is for electronics to prevent grounds and static energy to flow. Anti-static bubble wrap are usually seen as pink to determine the difference between the usual white bubble wrap.
  6. Packing Tape/Sealing Tape โ€“ the immediate resource to tightly sealed open jars and canisters. Also used in cardboard boxes for books and other records. Available in all different sizes and thickness
  7. Marker โ€“ permanent markers are highly advisable to label all boxes and its content. All boxes containing breakables should be labelled as โ€˜FRAGILEโ€™ and โ€˜THIS SIDE UPโ€™ for caution.
  8. Zip-lock Bags โ€“ used to keep all small items like hooks, screws, nuts and bolts. All disassembled furniture and equipment should have a zip-lock taped with them containing all the screws to prevent mixed up.
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