Shipping and Transportation

Transportation of valuables is a crucial part of relocating procedure; it requires a professional to handle the task even more it should be man by a knowledgeable and efficient moving crew to ensure the safety of all the loaded valuables. Loading trucks should be the first thing to be checked, all loading trucks should have the basic equipments to help the mover load/unload all the heavy materials. Loading trucks should have ramps and inclined planes to easily load heavy materials especially wooden furniture and appliances. At Mover Malaysia you are assured that all our loading trucks are fully-operational and were maintain to be ready for disposals.

Office Moving

Moving out of a small office or a large one, Yes Mover can help!

House Moving

Yes Movers can help you find the right solution for your move !

Safe Moving

Heavy safe movers, we lift, move them & bolt them .

Piano Moving

Professional piano mover for Upright, Grand & Organs


As an addition, our shipping and transportation process were closely monitored by the team lead of the moving crew by the use of advance technology. Before the transportation is taken place, GPS trackers were available and being built to check the movement of the delivery. Moreover, other communication tools were also setup for the benefit of our client to check the status of all the valuables. All of this process is package deal being planned by the move consultant during the planning stage with us. We make sure that we move together with our client fully equipped with all the necessities they need to put their mind at ease- As our main goal is to provide stress-free moving experience.

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