Appliances Moving Services

Appliances in the kitchen or entertainment appliances in the living room or musical instruments are highly valuable and vulnerable to a longer period of damage if not taken care seriously. Our team can un-hook and re-hook appliances with gas or water line at home. We perform specialized technique in dealing with appliances since they are electrical sensitive. All appliances are cushioned to prevent any vibrations that may cause an internal damage. All other peripherals were wrapped using the anti-static bubble wrap to prevent static electric charge that may cause a longer damage. All others are hooked in the flooring of the loading trucks to prevent any unnecessary movement and they are placed in a different section not to be mixed with other items such as wood-based and glass.

Office Moving

Moving out of a small office or a large one, Yes Mover can help!

House Moving

Yes Movers can help you find the right solution for your move !

Safe Moving

Heavy safe movers, we lift, move them & bolt them .

Piano Moving

Professional piano mover for Upright, Grand & Organs

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